Trustees & Conservators

DFS specializes in the managing the medical, disability, and daily lives for  beneficiaries with mental illness and/or confounding  disability pictures. We understand the healthcare and public benefits systems that a beneficiary has to negotiate in his or her daily life. We manage the needs of daily living or your beneficiary (and disability-related care costs) so you can focus on trust or estate management. 

Families & Parents

Families and parents hire DFS  to be their 'disability navigator' and give over the management of a loved one to a more competent and experienced team.

Families and parents hire DFS to get relief from managing day-to-day money matters of their loved one. Family relations can repair while DFS serves as a neutral third party responsible for budgeting and spending. Our estate and trusts planning helps parents design the correct scaffolding to ensure the long term financial welfare and quality of life of their loved one.

Individuals With Disabilities

Over the years, we have met many people at midlife who are alone and without a dedicated advocate to develop a ‘best interest’ plan for their long term care costs and financial autonomy. We provide this ‘guardian angel’ type service to the people that need it most. Through counseling and skills building we work within your capabilities. Our primary outcome is fiscal independent living

Over the years, we have confronted many unique life and disability circumstances. Our professional experiences make us uniquely qualified to relate to your story.  

We provide a highly individualized service for families coast to coast.


Call (301) 795-3293  or contact us to explore how we can meet your current or long term needs.