“Families that are competent, informed consumers in the mental healthcare marketplace experience recovery and quality of life faster.” -Tom

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My Professional Story

Over the past 30 years, I have always worked in some capacity serving persons affected by mental illness .  The totality of those years has allowed me to understand how mental illness erodes a person’s quality of life by undermining independence, financial viability, and long term wellness.  My career has taken me to many health and disability arenas - from community mental health, to disability management in the workplace, to psychiatric interventions across the US, to estate and trust planning for persons with disability.  I have been privileged to be part of it all.

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Navigating The World Of Mental Healthcare

The world of hospitals, therapists, psychiatrists, and addiction treatment does a great job marketing its services to families ... but makes little or no effort to help them understand it, shop for it, or identify providers who deliver real outcomes. Then, there is the financial cost of treatment and aftercare.  Most families want to make investments in quality treatment that (hopefully) will deliver sustained recovery - but cannot judge who or where is the best place to invest precious family treasure.  Why? because this mental healthcare world does not measure quality outcomes. 

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My Next Innovation In Mental Healthcare

Family Psych Consumer is a new idea to help parent and family caregivers competently understand and navigate the mental healthcare delivery system in the U.S.

Family Psych Consumer (“FPC”) will provide a unique resource for families dealing with mental illness. Whether you're a parent or a family caregiver, FPC will deliver the best critical thinking, training, and support to de-mystify the world of therapy, rehab, and psychiatric care for your loved ones – and recover your own wellness along the way.