About My Practice, DFS

DFS LLC is the business name I practice under, and provide consulting and healthcare management for families managing a loved one with a mental illness. I also provide financial case management for families needing a roadmap to pay healthcare and living costs for persons whose illnesses are hard to manage or interfere with economic viability. My core competencies are 1) psychiatric treatment and systems of care, 2) care and case management for persons living with mental illness, 3) disability-related life care planning and financial case management, and 4) navigation of the financial and healthcare delivery systems in the mental healthcare marketplace. My goal is simple: equip family caregivers with the best information, critical thinking, and financial competencies to deliver the best quality of life for their loved one and themselves. I have a core belief and mission:  provide parents and families the “how, where, when, and why now?” to manage an adult child or other family member with psychiatric disabilities.

DFS is short for Disability Financial Services LLC, which is registered in the State of Maryland.


How I Serves Families

I provide interventional medical or psychiatric care planning and coaching services for families needing a qualified navigator in the mental healthcare world. My goal is simply:  practically apply my 25+ year experience in psychiatric treatment and recovery to retool or stabilize the life of a loved one with a primary psychiatric or complex disability picture. Over time, I teach parents and families how to be competent caregivers AND manage their own wellness. 

I also perform financial life care planning and provide special needs trust planning for families and fiduciaries, as well as ongoing financial case management, bill paying, provider vetting and management, and fiduciary services.  My FAQs are here for families or fiduciaries wanting to understand financial case management more thoroughly.

We are “on the ground” in DC but perform video consults and follow-along services for parents and families nationwide.  In 2019, we have served families and fiduciaries in the DC metro areas (DC, MD, VA) and served families in CA, FL, NY, WA, MA, DE, CO, and AZ.