Who We Are and Our History

We are a behavioral health care management firm dedicated to parents and families that manage the healthcare of a loved one with psychiatric disabilities. We help parents and others navigate the confounding world of behavioral and psychiatric care, provide strategic planning to resolve immediate crisis or breakdown in a loved ones care, and help parents plan for a future when they are gone and make sure their adult disabled child will be medically and financially safe. 

DFS Family Services was founded in 2013 by Thomas OConnor of Washington, DC specifically to ensure parents have the resources and technical assistance to become competent managers of disability within their families.  DFS is the next innovative practice that grew out of O’Connor Associates Inc. (2000-2014), his past behavioral health care management firm that served over 1000 families nationwide.  

DFS Family Services has a core belief and mission:  parents and families crave navigation, technical assistance, and most importantly, respite , to gain competency and remain healthy during the lifelong campaign of managing an adult child with psychiatric disabilities.

Read more about Thomas O'Connor here. 


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