DFS provides strategic planning, training, and respite for parents and families managing the day-to-day life of a loved one with psychiatric disabilities. We design interventional treatment or rehabilitation strategies, functional recovery plans in daily living, financial case management, and long term life care plans.  Our primary service is case consultation, outcomes planning, and ongoing advising and training for parents or families. Our goals usually consist of re-invigorating otherwise ineffective treatment plans , intervening with a functionally 'stuck' family member, and designing quality of life plans where none existed before.  We also help aging parents plan for a future when they are gone and need the peace of mind that their surviving disabled adult child has a “guardian angel” health and financial care plan.  

Our services are specifically designed to serve the parent or family as our client; to avoid conflict of interest or blurred service boundaries, DFS acts as a qualified surrogate for the family, managing resources and vendors directly serving the family's loved one in her/his daily living. in vendor and resources management.